Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trials, Subscription Pricing and Purchasing.

We offer a free 60 day trial period for both individual and enterprise accounts. No credit card is needed. The trial subscription does not automatically convert to a paid subscription. You will receive one or more emails towards the end of the 60 day trial period providing details on subscribing. Individual subscriptions are presently U.S. $19.99 per month and can be purchased in the App under the Account page or on the website on the pricing page.. Enterprise subscription pricing can be found on our enterprise pricing page, where enterprise subscriptions can be purchased.

Tracking Not Working or Only Working When App Opened.

Please make sure Location in Settings for the app is set to "Always Allowed" or "Always" or "Allow all the time" as opposed to only allowed when using the App or never allowed. This is the most common problem and easily fixed. On iOS devices, this setting is found under Settings->Domicile365->Location. On Android devices, this is found in Settings->Apps->Domicile365->Permissions->Location. Of course, location must be generally on for the device. See the following linked materials for additional information on device location settings. Also, please make sure that notifications are allowed. This is under Settings->Domicile365->Notifications on iOS devices. Our servers will periodically send silent push notifications throughout the day to obtain location updates. Notifications must be allowed in order for our servers to be able to communicate in this manner. Additional items to check are the following. (a) On iOS devices, make sure background app refresh is on and allowed for the App. This if found under Settings->General->Background App Refresh. (b) Ensure Location Services are on. This setting can be found under Settings->Privacy->Location Services. Lastly, iOS 16.4 (introduced in April 2023) for Apple devices made certain changes to background location services which caused some issues (including stopped location tracking) with prior versions of the App; the App was updated to solve these issues. Please ensure you are using the most current version of the App if or when you update an Apple device to iOS 16.4 or later version of the iOS operating system.

Tracking not Working on Android Device.

Certain phone manufacturers have, in order to save battery life, implemented modifications to the Android operating system to on occasion shut down or restrict background services, including location services. In order for the Domicile365 App to work, it needs to operate in the background to periodically record and upload your location. Please take the steps outlines in this link to turn off your phone's restrictions. Just follow the instructions for your phone manufacturer. The Domicile365 App has been designed to minimize battery usage and hence these battery use optimizations are not necessary. At a minimum, please ensure that (a) Battery use is "Unrestricted" and not "Optomized" nor "Restricted", (b) "Allow background data usage" and any similar settings are set to "on" and (c) any setting to Remove permissions if app is unused is toggled to no or off; otherwise, the Android operating system may terminate the background processes which are used to provide location updates. This setting is often under Apps->Domicile365->Battery and Apps->Domicile365. On current Samsung Galaxy devices, the following settings can be adjusted: 1. Location Always Allowed. Go to Settings->Apps->Domicile365->Permissions->Location and click "Allow all the time." 2. Pause App if unused. Go to Settings->Apps->Domicile365->Permissions and toggle "Pause app if unused" to off or no. 3. Mobile Data. Go to Settings->Apps->Domicile365->Mobile data and toggle both settings (Allow background data usage and Allow data usage while Data saver is on) to on. 4. Battery. Go to Settings->Domicile365->Battery and select "Unrestricted."

Where can I get my detailed tracking logs.

You can email detailed tracking logs to yourself and your advisors on both the Search and Email Logs pages of the app. Click on search button and search the selected range you want logs for. Once the search is complete, click email logs. You may also get your complete logs on the website by clicking the download logs button at the bottom of the main page.

Missing Days

You may manually enter days and day ranges for time periods prior to starting use of the App. This will permit more complete analysis and day tracking in early periods of the Apps use. Also, in the unlikely event that a day is not registered (for example, phone stopped working for a day and needed to be repaired or replaced). Missing days can be entered either on the website or in the Domicile365 App. On the website, login and then select "Missing Days" on the top of the page. In the App, Login and click the menu button on the home page. There will be a button to add missing days. In situations where you have a significant number of days to enter (such as where you started using the App mid-year), we suggest using the website and not the App to enter those missing days.

Tracking Stopped

Apple and Android devices handle apps that run in the background differently and on occasion, will terminate background processes. We have received reports of iOS version 15.0, 15.1 and 15.2 terminating the app when it is backgrounded and terminated (this issue has been largely resolved with iOS version 15.3 and later versions). Often restarting your phone and relaunching the app will cause tracking to recommence. We strongly recommend not terminating the app. Apple also recommends not terminating apps. Further, iOS 16.4 (introduced in April 2023) for Apple devices made certain changes to background location services which caused some issues (including stopped location tracking) with prior versions of the App; the App was updated to solve these issues and released on or about April 6, 2023. Please ensure you are using the most current version of the App if or when you update an Apple device to iOS 16.4. Android users should follow the steps outlined in the Domicile365 user guide.

Multiple Devices

You should enable tracking on your primary device only -- typically your iOS or Android phone. To the extent you use an iPad or Android tablet and have downloaded the Domicile365 app on this other tablet device, you should ensure that tracking is turned off on this other device. Tracking can be turned off on a device by going to settings in the app.

Why is State Day Count higher than Country Day Count.

The App records any presence in a state during the day as 1 day in that state. Hence, if you travel through more than 1 state in a given day, you are going to record multple state days but only one country day. This is by design since most (but not all) states treat any time spent in a state during a day as a day in the state.

U.S. Possessions and Territories.

U.S. citizens that are resident in certain U.S. Possessions and Territories can obtain certain tax advantages. You can set U.S. Possession and Territory alerts under the Alert tab/section.

International Travel

To ensure location updates while traveling internationally, it is important that you have local cell phone data services activated and roaming is permitted in your phone settings. Many phone carriers do not by default provide international data services without an add on subscription or international day passes. If you do not have international data service enabled when traveling, for iOS users, you can go to settings and enable Geofencing; this should permit the recording of locations on your device. Once you return to a location with an internet or network connection, you can upload these locations. See the user manual (iOS) or user manual (Android)for more details.

New or Replacement Phone

In the event that you obtain a new or replacement phone, you will need to ensure that the Domicile365 App is installed on the new phone and that you login promptly after device changeover. The new phone will not start posting location updates until you login on the new phone. No additional steps are required beyond installing the App and logging in the first time, aside from granting the required background location permissions.

Virtual Private Networks ("VPNs") and Location Tracking

A frequest question is whether the use of VPNs can interfere with the App's location tracking. VPNs generally operate by routing internet traffic through 3rd party servers, which has the effect of not sharing your IP address. The App and our servers do not rely on IP addresses to track location. Instead, the App relies on GPS, cell towers, wifi and bluetooth to obtain the device's location. Consequently, the use of VPNs does not have an impact on this App and the location posts. The App also has safeguards to ensure that the location posted comes from the device and is not simulated or mocked by software or other means.

Air Travel

In the U.S., Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations prohibit the use of mobile phones aboard aircraft in flight. Rules outside the U.S. vary. In practice, we have seen users who inadvertently leave their mobile phones on while flying will periodically report and post locations while in flight. Because flight over a jurisdiction is generally not treated as a day in the jurisdiction, we would encourage users of the App to put their mobile phones in flight mode or turn them off entirely while traveling.

Travel and Time Zone Changes

Our cloud servers time stamp each location update posted with both your device's local time and Greenwich Mean Time ("GMT"). Most phones can be set to automatically update your phone to the local time when traveling. On rare occasion, we have seen some phone not immediately pick up the local time, which can result in location postings having the incorrect local time. Also, if you have not set your settings to automatically adjust your device to the local time, this can also lead to errors in location posts. To avoid these issues, please make sure that your phone is set to automatically set your date and time to the current local time. On iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), this can be set in Settings->General-> Date & Time. On Android devices, this can be adjusted in the Clock App's settings.

Battery Use Issues -- Apple iOS Only

The App has been designed to minimize battery use. However, some Apple iOS users have encountered a level of battery drain that is not acceptable. A possible solution to this is to go to Settings in the App and turn Tracking On/Off to “Off”. With Tracking On/Off setting set to "Off", our servers will attempt to send silent push notifications to your device a limited number of times per day to obtain your location and will generally record your location if you travel more than ¼ of a mile. This is an extremely battery efficient way to track your location but is not as reliable as leaving Tracking On/Off set to “On” (where 100+/- locations per day may be recorded). However, if you desire to minimize battery use, this approach can be used, but you should monitor your daily locations to make sure at least 3-4 location posts per day are being recorded. The App has been designed to minimize battery use even when Tracking On/Off is set to “On”; however, when location services run in the background continuously (which they will if this setting is “On”), there is a minimum level of battery use that cannot be avoided.

macOS version

The macOS version of the App is available at the Mac App Store. It is primarily designed for enterprise users that prefer to put the App on employee computers as opposed to mobile devices. However, it is available for all users. If you download the App onto multiple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac), you should turn "tracking off" on all devices except one so you are not transmitting inconsistent locations in case you don't have all devices with you. Installing the App on an iPhone is the recommended solution for most users since the phone has GPS, bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular connections to obtain location fixes. By contrast, a Mac will primarily rely on WiFi, which means it cannot obtain location fixes if it is not connected to WiFi.

Domicile365 App User Manuals

The key features of the Domicile365 App are outlined and explained in the user manual for each version (iOS and Android). Download the iOS Domicile365 App User Manual. or the Android Domicile365 App User Manual for Android.

Location Data Privacy

Our location data privacy policy is set forth in our privacy policy. The App collects various forms of device location data, including without limitation, Country, State, City, Latitude, Longitude, timestamps. This data is collected only to provide the services provided by the App and Website. We do not sell, lease, disseminate or release this information to any third parties; provided, we can disclose location information to any federal, state, or local government agency or official if (1) the agency or official serves us with a valid warrant or establishes the existence of exigent circumstances that make it impracticable to obtain a warrant, (2) disclosure is mandated under federal or state law, or (3) you request such disclosure. By using the App, you agree to our collection and storage of this data. We note that the laws on device location data are evolving and are being monitored. Most recently the Massachussets House and Senate have proposed legislation to regulate the collection and use of location data from devices. These policies may be modified, as necessary, to comply with applicable laws.

Delete Account

You can cancel and delete your account at any time. To delete your account, login to the App, go to Settings (on the bottom menu bar) and click Delete Account. Alternatively, you can email customer Support at and request that your account be deleted.

Other Questions.

If you have other issues, please email us at We endeavor to answer all emails within 12 hours.

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